Integrated Mobile Solution

Mobile Application suite includes Volunteer Management, Incident Command System, Tasking Manager all supporteed by main browser application.




Volunteer Manager


Includes Group and Individual Activation, and all Personnel related information e.g Training, Roles, Activities, PPE Issues, Status History




Incident Command System


Includes Group and Member Activations, Member Allocations to Role, Manage Resource and Teams, Messaging, Report Preparation and Resource Map Display




Tasking Manager

Includes all task either autoloaded from external call centre, direct via internal call centre  or field registered,  features geolocation of addresses with options for Triage, Tasking & Impact processes with mapping viewer for all procedures





SIIMS Mobile , as a part of SwiftWorks Integrated Incident Management System (SIIMS), is the only Australian developed solution for the management of volunteers from a variety of agencies and associations.

Role based security

Security to features based on roles, location or hierachy

Unlimted Reports

Reports can be customized to suit your organisation’s existing templates and reporting requirements

Rapid Activation

Based on customizable lists, you can be up and running your team in no time